Looking for Ship Repair Company in Bangladesh?

Ship Repair Company in Bangladesh


If you are a marine business owner or planner, you need to find the best Ship Repair Company in Bangladesh. The port of Chattogram has got many shipyards that are capable of handling your requirements and giving you the best results. Some of these ship repair companies.


Marine Solution BD is one of the leading ship repair, overhaul, and customization companies in Bangladesh. This company is an important link in Bangladesh’s multi-billion dollar shipbuilding sector, particularly in coastal regions where there is great demand for specialized shipbuilding activities. These coastal activities include repairing frigates and destroyers, construction of navy vessels, conversion of fishing boats to dredging vessels, etc.

Marine Solution BD: #1 Ship Repair Company in Bangladesh

Marine Solution BD is a leading ship repair agent that supplies all types of ship repairs in Bangladesh. Marine Solution BD has 3 sites in Bangladesh. They are located in Chattogram, Mongla & Matarbari. The main product offered from MSBD is dry dock facilities to provide a perfect platform for building ships.

Ship repairing and customization require expert knowledge of shipbuilding technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. To get this knowledge and ability, Shipyard Management Coaching programs are conducted by experienced and dedicated Ship repair and shipbuilding experts. These programs enhance both the skills and knowledge of employees while enhancing their exposure to environmental performance management systems. Environmental performance management systems incorporate the concepts of e-waste, toxic chemicals, water recycling, and environmental rehabilitation.

Drydock Service in Bangladesh

Drydock in the shipbuilding industry refers to equipment used for moving a ship from one dry dock to another such as docking or mooring. There are mainly two types of drydock: on-site and offshore. On-site dry docks include facilities like a maintenance shop, administration, power generation, and ventilation. Offshore dry docks have amenities such as power generation and ventilation, administration, and portability. Drydock companies employ experienced, highly trained technicians to ensure that dry docks are safe. Some of the companies also provide off-site services like repairs, overhauling, new construction, telecommunication, engineering, welding and metalwork, painting, and specialty equipment.

Ship Repair & Customization Services

An important part of ship repair and customization includes an expansion program that improves efficiency and enhances productivity. Most shipyards prepare an expansion plan after determining the need for additional workspace, equipment, and workers. If you want to hire the most experienced and skilled employees, it is important that your chosen drydock company has experienced staff.

The most important part of the expansion program is choosing the perfect location where your new workshop will be based. A good idea would be to pick a place near the ocean where weather conditions are stable. You should also pick a place near the sea where there are low tides and no obstruction by large rocks or reefs. You also want to choose a spot where access is restricted but possible. Access to the waterfront and pier is also important during repair and maintenance activities.

Other Ship Customization

Smaller or less sophisticated repair tasks can include installing wiring and electrical systems, refitting electrical fittings, repairing machinery, preparing vessels for painting, and other general maintenance tasks. There are many options available when hiring expert craftsmen to do minor or major projects at your favorite Norfolk or shipyards. It is best to visit your local Norfolk or shipyards and get quotes from multiple contractors before making your final decision. The right contractor will help you make the most of your investment and reduce your downtime.

#1 Marine SOLUTION (1)#1 Marine SOLUTION (1)
#1 Marine SOLUTION (1)

The ships in your fleet need qualified and competent personnel to carry out their duties safely and efficiently. It is critical that you contract with the right company for all your ship’s repair and maintenance needs. With the assistance of an experienced and qualified Norfolk or shipbuilding company, you will have experts who are able to take care of all your marine repair needs. Your company’s expert workers should be well-versed in the latest technologies such as GPS systems, computer software, and communication systems. If your company is able to follow industry trends and improve efficiency, then it will help increase profits.

Why Overhauling & Maintenence Need?

A successful marine overhaul and repair operation requires constant supervision and upkeep. An excellent ship repair facility should have an on-site supervisor and several other specialists. This will provide you with great flexibility and allow you to manage your time more effectively. Having quality employees on board can be the difference between achieving good results and having to pay out unnecessary overtime costs. Using a qualified and experienced shipbuilding company to perform all your renovations and repairs is the way to ensure maximum productivity and profitability.

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We offer you many options for marine overhaul and repairs. In particular, you will find that Marine Solution BD Company specializes in providing solutions for refits in Chattogram, Mongla, Matarbari & Payra. You can find an extensive list of their ship repair and overhaul packages by contacting us. So if you are looking for the best ship repair company in Bangladesh, Contact Marine Solution BD.

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