Marine Logistic Services In Bangladesh

Marine Logistic Services in Bangladesh
Marine Logistic Services in Bangladesh

Most of these services are outsourced from Asia, the Middle East, or the Western Pacific. Offshore outsourcing has become very popular worldwide in the last two decades. Marine Logistic Services also provides on-site and offshore systems. These services are provided to clients in need of temporary warehouses, boatyards, harbors, depots, and storage yards, as well as to manufacturers and producers.
Some companies have a tie-up with Bangladesh Army. BD Military Logistics involves the provision of equipment, material, and supplies. Marine Solution BD will handle the procurement and supply of equipment required for various Bangladesh Forces & Commercials. They also provide other related services like training, maintenance and repair, and installation and disassembly.

Marine Logistic Companies Bangladesh

Marine Logistics companies use the latest analytical technologies and follow international standards to deliver high-quality products and services to their clients. Most of the companies provide their products and equipment through sea freight or air freight. In some cases, some of the companies may ship the equipment through land or air freight. In some cases, some of the companies may ship the equipment through sea freight.
Marine Logistic has tie-ups with various manufacturers such as Blantex, Dynamics GP, Navitaire, DRS, EOT, Adriana, and ThyssenKrupp Access. Marine Logistic is also in the business of refurbishing and reconditioning vessels. They provide services such as repairing power plant units, generators, ships engines and machinery, and aircraft at sea. We also undertake overhauls, repairs, and retrofits for military and commercial vehicles. They provide equipment, material, and supplies to run various utilities onboard marine vessels.

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The Marine Logistic companies have tie-ups with several shipping organizations. This enables them to get quotes on time. Marine logistics can be of great help in case of need of urgent supplies of any kind.

Main Services of Marine Logistics

The main business of Marine Logistics is to arrange and maintain a network of depots, loading dock, ports, and secure terminals. These terminals are used to store finished products that need to be transported from one location to another. Some of the common products transported include fuel, grain, coal, cement, iron ore, timber, saltwater fish, poultry, and dairy products. Some products require very large trucks to transport them. The companies have tie-ups with major trucking companies, railroads, and airlines to provide transportation services.

The services offered by the companies extend beyond just the transportation of goods. They also provide custom designing of facilities and equipment. They are involved in supply chain management and warehousing. The equipment procured by the companies is sold to customers and they earn profits on the transaction. The profits are then shared between the owners/operators and the clients.

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Marine Logistics companies have a very diverse field of activities. They manage all kinds of logistic activities like petroleum refining, construction of docks, construction of vessels, construction of inland storage facilities for liquid and gas goods, marine cargo vessels and container ships, and so on. They are also involved in providing specialized marine services like marine engineering services, logistical services, engineering survey services, and ship-broker services. There are companies engaged only in marine engineering services. Therefore it is always advisable to make thorough research about the companies and their services before hiring them for any activity