Best Ship Chandler in Chattogram

#1 Ship Chandler in Chattogram – Marine Solution BD

Best Ship Chandler in Chattogram

Ship Chandler is an elite ship chandler company located at seaside in Chattogram Port of Bangladesh offering the following services: Fresh Food. Dried Foods. Deck, Engine, and Stocking Stocks.

An expert Ship Chandler company in Chattogram Port-like Marine Solution BD provides a complete range of repairing and maintenance services. They utilize modern Ship Chandler tools and equipment for repairing and maintenance purposes. For all above said services, they utilize efficient crew who are trained properly for various repair jobs. They are fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment and are well-versed with all the basic work requirements for managing any kind of Ship repair work in port. Thus one can simply contact Ship Chandler Company to avail the right services.

Best Ship Chandler in Chattogram
Best Ship Chandler in Chattogram

What Services Marine Solution BD Provides

The company provides marine cleaning and detailing services to clients. The Ship Chandler team provides marine cleaning services to clients. The Ship Chandler in Bangladesh is one of the famous brands of ships in the country. They are specialized in providing marine services within the port of bangladesh. The Company offers a wide range of repair and maintenance jobs to clients within the port.

Services offered by Ship Chandler Marine Solution BD include repairs of engine, electronics, wiring, heating system, painting, decks, structure, plumbing, ventilation, electrical, ventilation and fresh provision. The spare parts available by the company are diesel, fuel, water pump, pressure vessel battery, dry dock, ice locker, frozen water pack, refrigerant, etc. They even provide spare parts like engines, turbines, generator set, generators, motors, wiring system, steering, generators set, electrical Generators, batteries and spare parts of ship engines, motor, bow eye, outrigger, float, hoe, scoop, boom, etc. The spare parts like spare engine oil, brake fluid, gas, water, oil, cooling fan, radiator, drain pan, drain lines, gas log, air filter and spark plug boxes are also provided by the company. Apart from this, the company also provides the latest tools to maintain the vessels. In addition, they offer a complete service package to its customers.

Ship Supplying and Repairing Services in Bangladesh

Today, most of the Ship Chandler Services providers are located in Chattogram in Bangladesh. The Company has expanded its branches in all major ports of Bangladesh such as Mongla, payra, matarbari and beyond. Our main aim is to provide high quality and reliable spare parts and ship repair services to its customers. This company is one of the leading players of the field in marine engineering.

Our Ship Chandler Company has been operating in the country for more than 2 years now. It has established a good name and reputation for itself in the industry. This Company offers both long distance and short distance services. All the above said services are offered to their customers through their offices in different parts of the country.

How to Identify a Good Ship Chandler Company in Bangladesh?


  • A good Ship Chandler in Chattogram company never fails to deliver its client’s orders within the deadline.
  • They also take care of the Bangladesh customs & clearance procedures.
  • Their technicians always use latest tools and equipment to manufacture spare parts for marine vessels.
  • Moreover, these spare parts are designed to make the vessel functional in any conditions.
  • These spare parts for vessels come in various grades and designs.
  • It is the Ship Chandler’s responsibility to provide these parts at competitive prices.
Marine Solution BD
Marine Solution BD

As far as the Ship Chandler’s offices in the Chittagong ports are concerned, they employ dedicated staff to deal with the clients. They make sure that the quality products are supplied to their customers at reasonable prices. In addition, these officers also ensure that the shipment of the spare parts is carried out in the safest possible manner. This enables them to establish themselves as the leading and the best company engaged in the business of marine engineering. Therefore, if you too are looking to procure the spare parts or the complete equipment manufactured by this company, then it would be prudent on your part to opt for Ship Chandler’s services.

Contact us for any kind of ship services in Chittagong. Get the Best services from the best Ship Chandler in Chattogram.


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