Best Dredging Company in Bangladesh: Why Marine Solution BD?

Best Dredging Company in Bangladesh


What is Dredging?

Dredging is the process of removing large pieces of trash or debris from the water by removing them from their original source. The project can range from simple cleaning to complete environmental diversification projects for estuary protection. Dredging in Bangladesh was started in the early 1970s as a way to remove trash and garbage from the bay. As the dredging procedure got successful, more industries grew in the country with the growth of the port. These industries used dredging in Bangladesh for many purposes.


Dredging in Bangladesh

Dredging in Bangladesh has many benefits for both the users of dredging in Bangladesh and the environment as well. It has been observed that when dredging in Bangladesh, the process of sediments removal became much easier. This can be attributed to the fact that when there are dredging operations in any river or channel, there are no locks or barriers to keep all trash materials from flowing out into the ocean.

Benefits of Regular Dredging in Rivers


Dredging in Bangladesh provides a number of benefits to the users. Dredging in Bangladesh has a lot of benefits like increasing the navigability of the waterways. Due to the dredging, it has been found that there is an increase in the volume of river traffic. With the dredging, there is also a significant decrease in the maintenance dredging. This results in significant savings for the users and the environment.

Types of Dredger used in Bangladesh

During the research conducted for this article, it was found that there are two types of dredging in Bangladesh, which are done through in-water dredging and shore-based dredging. The research interviewed twenty-nine dredging in Bangladesh experts for this article. The survey was done so that we could get a common view of views about dredging. The interviewees who were interviewed for this research were from the Department of Environment, Bangladesh; the Water Management Research and Education Institute, Dhaka; Water and Environmental Protection Agency, New Delhi; National Parks and Wildlife Service, New Orleans; Association of Marine Studies, Japan; dredging & Environmental Control Association, Bermuda; Association of Marine Researchers, Australia; dredging vessel Trade Association, China; and Association of Chartered Survey Professionals, Philippines.

5 Reasons to Choose Marine Solution BD for Marine & Industrial Solutions
5 Reasons to Choose Marine Solution BD for Marine & Industrial Solutions

In-Water Dredging

Most of the dredging in Bangladesh is done through In-water dredging, which involves the use of inflow of water to clear sediment, silt, and other sediments from the bottom of the rivers or canals. The sedimentation rate is very high in most of the rivers of Bangladesh. This poses a threat to the environment and to the users of the water bodies. dredging in Bangladesh is considered an important tool for strategic innovation in sustainable canal management.

Out-of-water dredging

on the other hand, uses the high tide and out-of-the-water methods to clear sediment deposits from the bank banks. These are some of the methods that have been used since the 1970s to manage the waterlogging in dams and canals of Bangladesh. The experts from these associations present their cases during a workshop in Dhaka. During the workshop, which was organized by the Water Management Research and Education Institute, over twenty dredging experts presented their case studies to share their experience and to encourage the other members of the audience to adopt the same strategies for waterlogging in order to save the natural resources for the future generation.


WaterLogging Startegies

There was a brief focus group discussion on waterlogging strategies in southwest Bangladesh. During the conference, which was organized by the Water Management Research and Education Institute, forty participants from the local agencies and organizations, gathered to discuss the strategies for waterlogging in Bangladesh. The participants were divided into groups according to the region of Bangladesh they come from. The focus group discussion was facilitated by a local expert of the Water Management Research and Education Institute. The participants discussed the case analysis of waterlogging in Bangladesh and how to use alternative solutions besides dredging in order to reduce the impact on the environment and on the people living in the area.

Bangladeshi rivers should be dredged regularly for keeping the draught in standard. A good dredging company helps the rivers to get back its life.


Best Dredging Company in Bangladesh: Marine Solution BD

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The experts from the Water Management Research and Education Institute presented their findings for the third phase of their research, which is the secondary data-intensive study of the Bangla-lateral district in southwest Bangladesh. During this phase, the researchers will focus on the dredging done in the initial case analysis. The second stage will focus on sedimentation, which can also be an environmental impact. The third stage will focus on the groundwater and on the environmental impact of the sedimentation, using secondary data.

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